About us

Who we are?

Leksinova – Lithuanian information technology company, developing innovative and reliable legal information systems since 1998. The company distinguishes itself in the market as having much experience and unique competences in applying information technology by improving work and processes.

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Information system development

Provide best price public services with less delay.
Our company has unique competences and long experience in developing information systems for law enforcement institutions and institutes of law. Powerful query, data analysis and reporting tools enable effective activity monitoring, help to improve administration and management processes at Lithuanian courts and public prosecution offices.
We transform sophisticated data of diverse level and obtained by different means into organized, accurate and relevant information that is easy to use.

Document updating, legal system maintenance

Respond to regulatory changes in timely and dynamic way.
We transfer your accumulated documents to our developed information system, update documents – provide versions of amended documents, create links between documents, determine which documents are not available in the database and log them into the base once you provide them.
Having all institution documents in a unified system and interconnected will enable you to make timely decisions.

Informacinių sistemų priežiūra

Verslo sėkmė Jūsų rankose! Todėl visą savo laiką skirkite vertės kūrimui.
Tuo tarpu, mūsų kvalifikuotas personalas pasirūpins Jūsų IT sistemų priežiūra. Nuo 1998 m. įgyta patirtis ir sukauptos gerosios praktikos šioje srityje leis Jums pasiūlyti lanksčią darbo vietų ir serverių priežiūros kainodarą, kuri labiausiai atitiks Jūsų verslo poreikius.

System integration

Ensure highest level information collaboration between work clients and partners.
Our accomplished integrations of public sector systems and registers ensure exchange of substantial data not only between different local companies and institutions, but also interoperability with information systems of EU institutions.
We link different information and help to ensure legal compliance in all information systems.

Professional training events

We support your goal – reaching the top!
Rising demand for higher quality public sector services prompts public sector employees to embrace privileges of information systems. In the last years we have developed specialized training programs and have trained more than 2 thousand employees of Lithuanian legal system.
We create tools that enable your development and teach how to achieve desired results faster.

Our work

EU assistance


JSC „Leksinova“
Address: Oršos St. 7, Vilnius, LT-09300
Phone: +370 5 277 9831
Email: info@leksinova.lt

Company code: 124430335
VAT code: LT244303314

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